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Terms of Use for Renting a Motocycle

General Terms and Conditions for bike rental in Crete.

We will do our best not only to provide high quality bikes for hire, but also to make sure that your rental experience is a success and you have a great time.

In order to ensure that you know and understand completely what our and your responsibilities are, you are requested to read carefully the Terms and Conditions below:

How old do i have to be to rent a bike?

Driver’s age requirement is over 19 years old.

What do I need to hire a Motorbike?

  • Hirers need to hold Valid Driving Licence on their name, have held it for at least 12 months and it should be appropriate to the cc of the motorbike.
  • Your passport and any other ID that our Bike hire company needs to see.
  • Credit / debit card with enough available funds for the deposit.

Booking and Methods of Payment

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Cash

We have affordable and reasonable rates suitable to your needs:

Unlimited Mileage Bike Hire

Enjoy your visit to Crete without worrying about going over the allotted number of miles.

Taxes and fees included in all prices.

All rental prices include all taxes, and services without surcharges and hidden costs.

24 Hour Road Assistance.

We are here to help and offer you peace of mind! We provide you motorcycle roadside assistance on 24 h basis that you can count on.

Bike rental delivery and collection.

We can arrange to deliver /collect the motorbike from any place that you wish such as airport, port or your hotel.This service will be free of charge.

Moto Rental: Insurance Policy

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is an additional and optional service provided from the Rental Company to the Renter. This service removes partial responsibility from the renter concerning damages to the motorbike resulting from a road accident, excluding situations of vandalism. In case of failure to purchase a CDW, the Renter shall bear financial responsibility for any damage caused to the motorcycle.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) does not cover:

  • When driving in places such as beaches, inappropriate roads, forest roads, mountains, etc., which are not paved and authorised roads.
  • The damage arising from collisions with rocks or other objects and holes in the road and a damage to the wheels and tyres arising from parking manoeuvres.
  • Does not cover damage to the motorcycle due to flooding or the like where the motorcycle is parked in areas such as streams, or unpaved waterways.
  • In any case, where the motorcycle is not properly parked on paved areas specifically designed for the parking of motorcycles.
  • The CDW cover is not applicable in the event of non-compliance with Traffic Rules, regulations and Enforcements. Such as in case of the driver fails to comply with traffic signals, in particular STOP signs, give way signs, red lights, driving the wrong way down a street, or due to failing to respect a safe distance between motorcycles.Furthermore, the CDW can not applied to dangerous driving, like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The CDW does not cover, in any case, loss, theft, or damage related to the objects and goods.

Damage Waiver Insurance

Customers are responsible for the cost of any damage to or theft of the motorcycle, accessories and riding gear while in their care. Our company offers to our clients Damage Waiver insurance by purchasing additional optional waivers. This insurance reduces the excess amount the renting person may be obliged to pay for collision damages.

Motors till 250 cc : The renter can purchase CDW insurance by paying a waiver of 5€ per day. In case of a collision the client bears the financial responsibility for any damage caused to the motorcycle up to the amount of 400€.The Rental Company is released from any liability for the damage cost. In the event that, the cost of the damage is more than 400€ the rest of the amount will be paid by the insurance. All above are valid if there is not any traffic violation.

For motors bigger than 250 cc: The renter can purchase CDW insurance by paying a waiver of 8€ per day. In case of a collision the client bears the financial responsibility for any damage caused to the motorcycle up to the amount of 800€. The rental Company is not financially liable for such damage cost.
In the event that, the cost of the damage is more than 800€ the rest of the amount will be paid by the insurance. All above are valid if there is not any traffic violation.

Third Party Liability

A ‘third party’ is anyone apart from yourself, so a third party is another person most likely the driver of the other vehicle,who could be injured or his property could be damaged in a road traffic accident caused, during the use of your motorcycle. A “Third Party Liability” ensures that the damage the driver caused to third party property is covered. Thus, this kind of insurance for motors brings you protection against unforeseen events and peace of mind.

What happens in case of a motorbike breakdown?

In the unlikely event of a breakdown or mechanical problems you should contact immediately with us without delay and we will replace the your motor/scooter with a new one.

A second driver to the contract for free.

One of the benefits that are offered to you is an additional driver at no cost. Long drives can get tiring and daunting. Adding an additional driver is a great way to share the load when travelling long distances. Because we care for you, we offer you the opportunity to add a second driver to your rental contact free of charge. Safety, reliability and great service with new safe Motorbikes and scootersWe are proud to welcome you to drive our brand new motorbikes and scooters. Because your safety is our priority we do our best by constantly renewing our fleet. You just have to keep calm and ride on!

Check our Low Price beat promise

Our prices are the lowest prices on the market including all possible services with no extra charge.We are committed to offering the most affordable rates combined with modern and reliable fleet.

No extra charge on delay

We will not charge you the cost of a rental delay at the airport/port.

No extra charge for after midnight arrivals.

You are not charged any extra cost in case your arrival at the delivery point ( airports, ports) is after midnight.The motorbike you have chosen will be here waiting for you.

Free Helmets

We also include a free helmet with each motorbike because your safety is our top priority. If you lose your helmet you will be responsible its replacement.

Free Road Maps

We offer you local knowledge to help you make the most of your motorbike rental, plus free detailed road maps to make your motorbike tour fun and easy.

Free airport and port parking at your departure.

You don’t have to worry about the parking fees when you return your motorbike.

Lost keys – Helmets

We provide transponder keys for all our motorbikes. If you’ve lost your Motorbike Transponder Key or if you had it stolen, unfortunately, you will be charged to replace it. The replacement cost varies from 50 euros to 100 euros depending on scooter / motorbike model and also includes the cost associated with transport and time to get the replacement keys. In the case of a lost helmet you will be charged for a new one.

Traffic Fines

If you get a fine for traffic violations and infractions while driving your rental motorbike you will be responsible for paying it.

Places you can take the Motorbike

There are limitations on where and how far you can drive your motorcycle.You must only use the motorcycle within Crete island, on a properly formed/constructed and recognised roadway. Rental street motorcycles are not allowed on gravel roads and beaches. Furthermore,you should be aware of that you will liable with any repair cost resulting from negligent driving or off-road use.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation seven days before the rental day you will receive full deposit refund. However, if your cancellation is notified in the last seven days then you will have to pay cancellation fee 20% of the total cost of the rental.

Return of the motorcycle before the end of the rental period

If you return your rental motorbike/scooter before the agreed rental period, no refunds shall be given for unused days.

Privacy Policy

At Motorentals your trust and loyalty are very important. We know that you care how information about you is used and shared, so we are committed to safeguarding any personal information you provide us while you are making your reservation. We guarantee that any personal data you give us is only used to offer you a professional and in time service. Your personal data will not be transmitted, shared or disclosed to third parties for any purpose or use. We also use the latest online secure encoding technology to maintain the security of transferring and storing of your private personal data.